Back from the Field Meals: Hawaiian Chicken Skewers

Delicious recipe if you’re confused on what to make for dinner!

Strength 4 Spouses

When you are married to someone in the military, you realize how important a home cooked meal is for your spouse.  My husband is like a growing child, he is always hungry. When he comes back from the field, I know he is ready to enjoy real food after eating MRE’s for days, weeks, and sometimes months.

In this section of the blog, I will be sharing with you some of my husband’s favorite meals that are easy on your budget, healthy and balanced, as well as simple to prepare.  Due to my new found love of using fresh herbs in everything I cook, I will also include a section in each post describing the health benefits of the herbs used.

This week’s recipe is perfect for summertime and hot weather.

This recipe calls for fresh Cilantro, Thyme, & Parsley.  Cilantro is not only one of the tastiest herbs, but…

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Things you learn when setting up an online shop.

Okay, well I am a firm believer in the concept of challenging your comfort zone. With that being said, I had no idea how much work running blogs, facebook pages, twitter accounts was. It is crazy!

This is a few of the things I have worked on from the beginning of this year. It’s shocking to me to see it all listed here since as I was studying/working, it didn’t seem like much. Mind you, most of this was done since the beginning of this month, which is really exciting for me because I’m actually really working hard. This makes me happy because I hate feeling lazy. Here’s a short list of my accomplishments/learning so far.

  • Set up shopify store
  • Added apps
  • set up social media accounts
  • added store to two facebook pages
  • studied logistics
  • watched a webinar regarding increasing your business and sales
  • read over a hundred articles relating to online shops and how to scale up
  • Advertising tricks and tips
  • Learned how to and wrote product descriptions
  • studied SEO and how it affects search rankings
  • Studied how to target and retarget
  • learned how to integrate various appps to shopify store
  • Created/tweaked(still tweaking) theme
  • how to download and use pictures
  • how to lead with eye catching headlines
  • how to create and maintain value
  • Studied and researched trending projects
  • Researched how to connect digital cryptocurrency to payment accounts
  • Tried to (still failing) download and install and sync a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Went on a genetics/inbreeding/royalty/monarchical history binge during free time
  • Researched and created blog posts relating to history, creative writing, cryptocurrency education, and studied more ways to create income through residual methods
  • Researched USPS shipping costs and particulars
  • Did product research for new gift baskets to be offered during holidays and special eevents,
  • Looked up courses to attend that help get me up to speed with online marketing and advertising
  • Filed taxes
  • Created, applied, and received sole proprieter EIN for my business
  • Scheduled posts for facebook
  • Worked hard on increasing my organic reach on facebook, twitter, and instagram
  • Looked up books to read with Amazon Kindle, started a few.

It didn’t seem like a lot while I was doing it, but now it does especially seeing it written up here point by point! Unfortunately, I have to go get the other half of my brood, so this will have to be cut short! More soon!


Wow…I’m experiencing a flashback

As has happened often in the past, I forgot to update my readers on anything/everything that is going on. Since I have started my store, my days have been full of writing, reading, rewriting, studying, planning, worrying, taking pictures…etc. It reminds me of when I was younger and in school while the MySpace/xanga/livejournal craze was going on. I’d remember to write occasionally, but sometimes I’d let it go for months and then feel like I HAD to write something. This is a little different as so much writing happens on a daily basis that I tend to forget time for myself. I’ve remembered, so here I am.

As my store has evolved, I’ve been doing tons of study/testing on various types of tea so that I can only include the best in my gift sets and separately. This means that I’ve had a lot of different loose leaf tea and have realized again how much I love tea! My husband bought me a fantastic thermos cup thing, so my tea stays warm a lot longer, which is a true God send. I don’t own a microwave, so if my stuff gets cold previously my only choice was a pot or the oven. Now I don’t have to worry so much about i. I have also gotten involved in testing/using essential oils, which has been lovely. I use them just about every day and my sense of well being has improved! My favorite has to be either lavender or one of the oil blends created to spawn an environment of calm productivity. It helps a lot.

This is going to be short, since it’s almost midnight in my area of the world and I do need some rest. I wanted to leave you with a small encouragement though. Please remember that you are worthy, and special, and worth a lot. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not!

I choose to be kind

Have you ever been in a position when someone you barely know is yelling at you, or is just unexpectedly rude and your first response is to respond in kind? What if you stopped a minute to think about why this person is reacting the way they are? What if their mother or father just died…or they’re dealing with a diagnosis of terminal cancer and haven’t been able to process it yet? Why not hold your tongue a second, take a huge breath and react with kindness instead of anger? You never know if your response will be the difference between a horrible fight or something wonderful happening in their life. I have been in this position many times. Every single time I’ve decided to respond kindly and basically ignore the anger, it’s turned out to be wonderfully helpful to the one who responded angrily.

It’s important to realize we don’t know the struggles those we run into are facing. We must remember to react with charity and kindness instead of anger just in case that’s exactly what the other needs. I am not saying to let them walk all over you, which is not okay, but simply responding with a considerate answer can do a lot to diffuse a very negative situation into something positive and helpful.

Update, Life and the Olympics

So I’m really really torn. I feel that I have two separate blogging identities, with no similarity of each, except they’re all pretty much the same. Does that make sense? I have three separate accounts attached to the same domain, and I have three(one unpublished at the moment) on WordPress with no special domain. I”m really not sure what to do since I want to promote and express myself on both.

Oh well. I guess til I figure it out I’m just going to continue testing and working out my opinions on their work-ability based on what I need.

So, I’ve been watching the Olympic coverage over the last day and I have some opinions about it. Before i write any further, I’d like your opinions first. What did you like about it and what did you hate? I want to know because I want to answer your opinions and create a dialog about it. All subjects are open and we can talk about anything related to the Olympics…Looking forward to hearing about it!


NEWS!!! Now offering English help!

One of my greatest passions is helping those who are learning English and are writing for a living in English. I want to help as many as I can learn how to write English like a native would, so their posts and comments sound more educated than they otherwise would. English is one of the more difficult languages to write and speak, especially for those languages that are not put together the same way.

To that end, I am working towards creating a service for those who are interested by helping them fix their posts and language. I have been college educated and am considered a competent writer, so I feel uniquely qualified to offer this service. I am not sure how exactly I would be marketing this, so any comments would be very helpful.