NEWS!!! Now offering English help!

One of my greatest passions is helping those who are learning English and are writing for a living in English. I want to help as many as I can learn how to write English like a native would, so their posts and comments sound more educated than they otherwise would. English is one of the more difficult languages to write and speak, especially for those languages that are not put together the same way.

To that end, I am working towards creating a service for those who are interested by helping them fix their posts and language. I have been college educated and am considered a competent writer, so I feel uniquely qualified to offer this service. I am not sure how exactly I would be marketing this, so any comments would be very helpful.


Inspiration Needed

I am finding it difficult to continue writing and finishing posts at the moment. I believe I have around 13 different drafts with approximately zero inspiration to finish. Writing stream of consciousness or personal stuff is easy, so that’s not a problem, it seems to be related to my other blog, the more business side of me. I cannot seem to figure out how to work things and finish writing. Perhaps I just need a little time to be on a self imposed break to work things out mentally for a while.

Breaks are good for you. They help you refocus and remember what’s important. I have perhaps taken on too much, so I’m considering what to cut down on and what to focus on. Maybe if I decide not to look at it I might reemerge with a better perspective…Maybe I’ll have inspiration tomorrow! Who knows with me. At least, I never know myself either, so this should be interesting.

Funny thing my kids have said

Here’s a light-hearted change of tone. You know the saying, “kids say the darndest things”? Well I decided to chronicle mine so that I don’t forget them and y’all can get a chuckle out of them too!

  • I’m not a princess! I’m a sister and a ponytail
  • I cannot be kidnapped by a shark! It will steal all my rope!
  • I’m not a pillow… I’m a sister and a feet(I’m seeing a pattern here)
  • Today is i love you day.
  • I’m a grownup. I’m five!
  • When I drink water, there’s a party in my mouth!
  • walks out of bedroom in the morning… “TODAYS THE DAY”
  • Buildings make Hanukkah.
  • Let’s call Santa and tell him I need a “pullback” car, here mommy, give me your phone?
  • I can’t go pee in that bathroom!!! It’s too shiny!!
  • “MOMMY(yelling this), Brother said MMMM to me!”
  • I need my necklace so I can be a queen
  • This sandcastle is a grownup castle, and this one is a kids castle, and the castle needs to be here
  • Mommy, I want to tell you something, but I don’t want you to freak out (the ceiling fans needed cleaning).

This by no means is an exhaustive list, just a snippet of the many things I’ve heard just this week!

Having children is so much fun! I never thought I’d get so excited about someone finally sitting still long enough to be able to braid hair, or being thrilled that I can purchase gifts, like a rocket kit and fairy garden set for Christmas/Hanukkah finally. Christmas this year will be magical, simply because we are all together, we are stable, and the kids will truly remember this one.

I interrupt your blog feeds to bring you an awesome announcement!

Well we in the Houston area have had a very eventful year. First we had the monster Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey with all the devastating flooding and destruction throughout the entire city and our neighbors as well. This was a very hard blow and is still affecting millions of people, myself included. Although we were blessed to have only lost a car, it still has made an impact on us. It was very scary, but we made it through.

The one thing I have noticed is the amount of generosity all over this city. People who were in the process of losing everything were being pulled from their houses and cars, and then getting right into saving others. I found it fantastic to watch and read story upon story of refusing to allow devastating loss cripple our residents into doing nothing. Within days, or even hours, huge corporations and companies, and individuals were pouring time, money, and giving away anything and everything we as residents needed just because we needed them. We still have a long way to go, but we made it through, and we are much stronger than ever before.

Now, a major storm flooding and destroying a city is pretty much an event of the year, but nope, we didn’t let it stay that way…Houston managed to make it to the World Series and WIN. I think that perhaps the struggles the city faced had a huge part in why they won, because it seems like they fought extra hard to overcome what we as a city went through. But that wasn’t the only thing different about this year.

This week we had our first snowfall in a while. The snow fell late in the night, which means tons of city residents woke their kids up at one in the morning to let them play. Quite a few kids were late for school and I’m pretty sure most were exhausted during the day, but I think it was definitely worth it since this just doesn’t happen down here. We’re humid subtropical and we are lucky if we get temperatures down below sixty degrees, so a snow was super abnormal.

So, to conclude, we just don’t like to do things small down here…we do it big and all in. We suffered through one of the worst weather disasters we’ve ever had, won the World Series for the first time, and had a record snowstorm! I’d say this was quite the year and I am so glad we were here when all this happened. Totally worth it in my opinion!

Note to self…

Don’t let five sweet potato plants start rooting and growing! You may end up with fifty plus plants and no room for all of them. Also, make sure you have the room first or you’re gonna be cutting out hundreds of plants without even blinking.

Also, remember that when you start carrots and even more potatoes, you should try to make sure you have a place for them first…Well I guess more pots and soil is part of my future. I want to self sustain my food supply as much as possible, so if it means that I can grow even more food, saving and sprouting is worth it to me.

My life really is interesting. Think I went through a manic phase yesterday. Wrote a ton of material for my other site. It was very interesting to me. I also created a Facebook page for it as well. There’s been a bit of interest which I am happy about. Right now I’m studying eugenics and its proponents in the United States and Germany.

Thanks for reading! As always, I love comments and conversation so feel free to ask a question or make an observation!